Blancpain Fifty Fathoms 5015D-1140-52B ZF Factory Blue Dial

  • Brand Blancpain
  • Range Fifty Fathoms
  • Model 5015D-1140-52B
  • Gender Mens
  • Movement Swiss ETA 2836-2 Automatic Movement 28800bph
  • Case Size 45mm
  • Factory ZF Factory


Looking at the zf factory Blancpain, we will see that the blue radial pattern of the dial is very charming, the mirror is very transparent, the diving timing ring is round and shiny, and the blue luster of the dial is very authentic. In all colors, blue is most difficult to re-enact, because blue may be too dark to turn black, too shallow and very cheap.
Blancpain Fifty Fathoms 5015D-1140-52B ZF Factory Replica Watch, in the macro lens magnification angle, we clearly see the dial details:
1. The texture of the dial can be seen more clearly, very delicate and uniform, and different glosses are reflected from different angles.
2, the time scale of the dial and the pointer are very clean, so that the pointer with a large amount of luminous coating, it is easy to cause needle injury when plating the luminous coating, here the zf factory quality control is doing well
3, the font inside the dial is clean and tidy, and the calendar display is also very positive.
As the most fascinating blue-violet mirror on the Fifty Fathoms, how can this picture be reduced? At the side angle, we can see the details of the dial through the blue-violet mirror, which can be seen as a pleasing enjoyment. If you look down the mirror under the light, you will find a charming purple film on the edge of the mirror, the effect here.
At the same time, we will appreciate the specific situation of the dial of the blue-violet mirror on the macro angle. We will find that the permeability is very strong, and both the time scale, the dial and even the pointer are more literary. Artistic beauty.
In addition to the classic features of blue-violet film, there is also a manual chronograph ring with the highest difficulty in re-engraving. The material of the ring here is sapphire. It is a piece of sapphire hand-grinded slowly, which requires high skill for technicians. The yield is very low, which is also the reason why the fifty baht is expensive. The zf factory has overcome the difficulties here, and it is very rounded at present.
The case of the fifty-inch blue disc is different from that of the black disc. The case is made of wire drawing. We can see that the drawing of the case of the zf factory is very delicate. At the same time, the fonts on the JB and the other side of the blancpain are very deep and three-dimensional.
In terms of the bottom cover, the drawing process is still used. We can see that the drawing of the zf factory on the bottom cover is very fine, and the bottom cover has a lustrous luster. The gloss is different depending on the angle, which is very beautiful.
In terms of the strap, the outer layer is made of imported fiber material, the inner layer is calfskin material, and the logo font above is also very clear, but the zf factory needs to retain the black in the color of the strap, and the blue line is blue. . In the strap color n factory is to do the blue and the original is consistent.
In terms of the buckle, the owner of the zf factory is equipped with the same folding lock as the original one. The use is exactly the same as the original one, and the information on the buckle is also a three-dimensional sense of laser engraving.
As a diving watch, it is essential that the night light function, we absorb light slightly under the light, then take a photo of this watch, you will find that the night light is really too strong, the fifty-five night light I have seen all The strongest inside the luminous table can replace the flashlight in the dark environment. The zf factory still uses the Swiss c3 luminous coating for the 50-inch luminous coating. The color is fascinating, the effect is strong and the radiation to the human body is very small.
Blancpain Fifty Fathoms 5015D-1140-52B ZF Factory Replica Watch, as the end of the 50f factory, this 50-inch blue plate replica table can be said to represent the best watchmaking technology and process of the current zf factory It is highly consistent with the authenticity, and it is difficult to distinguish between true and false. If it is just worn on the hand, it can be true and false.



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