IWC Big Pilot Edition Boutique Rodeo Drive IW502003 ZF Factory V2 Blue Dial

  • Brand IWC
  • Range Pilot
  • Model IW502003
  • Gender Mens
  • Movement SWISS IWC 51111 Automatic Movement 28800bph
  • Case Size 46mm
  • Factory ZF Factory
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ZF Factory replica IWC Big Pilot Edition Boutique Rodeo Drive IW502003 V2 Blue Dial watch adopts a high-hardness black ceramic case consistent with the original. The v2 version improves the hardness of the ceramic (adding non-oxide elements such as silicon nitride and high-tech precision ceramic to the ceramic) on the basis of the v1 version, making the case light in weight, high in hardness, not easy to wear, never fading and comfortable to wear. The overall material of the dial is titanium, which can never fade. The blue color of the dial has been redesigned to be deeper and more beautiful when matched with the black ceramic shell. The blue color of the dial has a radial pattern effect. The 3-point design shows the true kinetic energy, which can change with winding and has the same actual function as the original. The mirror surface is made of sapphire crystal plated with blue film. You can see the light blue light emitted by the mirror surface when you tilt it a little under the light. It is very exquisite, both permeability and hardness are very good, and it is more wear-resistant than most watches on the market. After double-sided anti-glare treatment, we can easily read the time from different angles. The calendar is displayed at 6 o’clock. The control of the literal details of the dial, the overall font, proportion and spacing are very thorough, and the literal stereoscopic impression is first-class, achieving complete interchange level. Logo font and scale Arabic numerals are exactly the same as the genuine product. The power reserve display window is decorated with corrugations. Trapezoidal calendar frame makes the same level of quality goods. IWC Big Pilot Edition Boutique Rodeo Drive IW502003 ZF Factory V2 Blue Dial Replica Watch. The classic pleated “onion” crown is one of the symbols of Dafei. It is very personalized and very ornamental. In terms of materials, titanium metal is used, with sandblasting effect on the surface and full sense of technology. It is easier to rotate the super-large handle head, which brings a comfortable hand feel of the upper chain. Polishing technology is very exquisite! The screw-in crown is waterproof and dustproof, and the top is carved with the Logo of the world brand, which shows the brand identity. The side curve and thickness are perfectly combined, the polishing treatment is exquisite, the mirror effect is achieved, the wrist watch is more beautiful, the edges and corners of the ear cutting are clear, and the bottom cover with extremely high reduction degree is also made of titanium alloy material, which can prevent the wearer from metal allergy, and the lettering adopts the laser+corrosion process effect to be very spurious. Swiss IWC 51111 Automatic Movement can store energy for more than 60 hours. The clasp is also made of titanium metal with a universal LOGO, giving a three-dimensional effect. The watchband is lined with calfskin and the outer layer is made of synthetic fiber. The material is synchronous and original.



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