IWC Portugieser Annual Calendar IW503510 YL Factory Green Dial

  • Brand IWC
  • Range Portugieser
  • Gender Mens
  • Movement Swiss ETA52850 automatic movement
  • Case Size 44mm
  • Factory YL Factory
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The YL Factory replica IWC Portugieser Annual Calendar IW503510 Green Dial watch has a double-eye layout with a small second dial and a 7-day power reserve display. Because the small dial is close to the edge of the panel, the time markers at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock must be abandoned. For the 11 o’clock to 1 o’clock time mark, the brand uses the “American arrangement” here. Calendar, that is to say, the date, week and month windows are arranged one by one on the top edge of the panel, so the time scale of these three places must also be chosen, but from the overall visual point of view, the lack of a five-digit time scale will not bring too much trouble to reading. The double-sided dial is matched with an American-arranged calendar. The dial not only looks simple and sharp, but also the green radial pattern makes the single-color dial look more layered. IWC Portugieser Annual Calendar IW503510 YL Factory Green Dial Replica Watch. The 52850 movement of IW503510 has IWC trademark Billerton chain system, also known as woodpecker chain system. The special feature of this design is that when the chain passes through the automatic disk, there is a metal cam with different lengths under it, which drives the hair box through the movement of the metal arm connected with the metal cam. The reason why it is called woodpecker chaining is that the metal arm has claws similar to bird’s beak to realize bidirectional chaining operation. The 52850 movement is not only because it has IWC woodpecker chaining, but also because the device is more refined and improved on the basis of 52000 series. The original metal cam and the linked metal arm are changed from the original white ceramic to black ceramic made of cobalt oxide, which improves the original durability and changes the appearance from white ceramic mistaken for plastic by friends to black cam with deep texture. In addition, its power is output by the combined force of the two hair boxes, so it can achieve the effect of a 7-day chain, matching with the extreme of automatic chain feeding, so the long kinetic energy is absolutely enough for daily wear.



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