JB Factory Blancpain Villeret Tourbillon 8 Jours 6025-1542-55b Black

  • Brand Blancpain
  • Range Villeret
  • Modle 6025-1542-55b
  • Gender Mens
  • Movement Swiss Cal.25 Automatic Movement
  • Case Size 42.5 mm
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Upgraded version of JB factory Pompey’s classic warfare series 6025-1542-55b true tourbillon men’s watch upgrade
1: ‌ movement more added deck wash wash, there are ‌ and original ‌ Equipped with the same steel seal, the pendulum is plated with platinum, and the profile is significantly improved. ‌ Upgrade
2: ‌ mirror-plated blue ‌ film. The factory dismantled the second-hand original products at no cost, and strived to be the closest to the original. After two years of failure, it has failed dozens of times. Finally, it has developed a Cal that has the same functions as the original. CAL.25 movement: date display, power reserve display, tourbillon flywheel. Everything is complete. 42.5mm business size. In addition, top ‌ grade ‌ double-sided sapphire ‌ mirror, 750 ‌ platinum ‌ gold case, ‌ leather strap, original ‌ folding buckle. Temperament is out of the ordinary, and getting started is the highlight. Produced by JB Factory-specially designed for the top tourbillon.



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