Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5168G 42.2mm ZF Factory

  • Brand Patek Philippe
  • Range Aquanaut
  • Model 5168G
  • Gender Mens
  • Movement SWISS Patek Philippe 324SC Automatic Movement
  • Case Size 42.2 x 8.6 mm
  • Factory ZF Factory


ZF Factory’s Outstanding Achievements-Set of Patek Philippe AQUANAUT series for sports and leisure, business dress, Yang Fan exhibition, shocking (correct any defects in all versions on the market)
Case: Watch size 42.2mmX8.6mm. The highly recognizable Patek Philippe pillow-shaped case, with all manners, wears a close-fitting wrist, and is light and elegant in design. Each workpiece is the engraving of the industry’s top technology.
Technical breakthrough: swiss Patek Philippe’s self-produced Cal.324 SC movement-the size of the splint is shiny, the gemstone bearings are bright and natural, and the balance is in line with the original.
Outstanding achievements: 1. The market exclusively purchased the original version for development 2. The market exclusively achieved the balance of the balance wheel with the original product 3. It is currently the thinnest imitation on the market.
The hair must be corresponding only for the accumulation of “thin” hair-ZF produced must be a boutique!



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