Richard Mille RM052 Titanium Z Factory Diamond Skull Dial

  • Brand Richard Mille
  • Range RM052
  • Model RM052
  • Gender Mens
  • Movement M6T51 Automatic Movement 21600bph
  • Case Size 43mm x 50mm
  • Factory Z Factory
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Z Factory Replica Richard Mille RM052 Titanium Diamond Skull Dial Watch, barrel-shaped diamond-encrusted ceramic case with 8 titanium screws, scratch-resistant anti-glare sapphire crystal glass, hollow dial, dial on the dial is the movement of the bottom of the movement with diamonds, its “brain” Partially covered with the clockwork drum, the “forehead” fixed time and minute hands, the “bone bone” underneath is the tourbillon, very interesting and very thoughtful. The skeleton of the skeleton movement is made of 5-grade titanium alloy. This biocompatible, super corrosion-resistant and extremely strong alloy can make the gear train work better. The most striking thing is that the upper and lower jaws of the hoe are holding the ruby ​​frame of the tourbillon frame, while the back of the hoe is designed as the central splint of the movement. If you look closely, you can feel it seems to be laughing at you. But don’t stare at it for too long, or you will be hypnotized by the high-speed rotating tourbillon. The black outer ring white minute scale and the fluorescent white round hour scale are filled with the hour and minute hands of the white luminous material, and the night can read the time normally. Richard Mille RM052 Titanium Z Factory Diamond Skull Dial Replica Watch. Stainless steel crown with black rubber protection ring and engraved head logo. The wear-resistant ceramic bottom ring is fixed by 8 titanium screws, transparent sapphire crystal glass bottom cover, and the front and back structure of the movement is completely seen. Swiss M6T51 Automatic Movement, precise and stable when walking. Black rubber strap, soft and comfortable to wear, with steel pin buckle and buckle engraving brand logo.



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