Roger Dubuis Excalibur RDDBEX0398 Green White Table Dial

  • Brand Roger Dubuis
  • Range Excalibur
  • Model RDDBEX0398
  • Gender Mens
  • Movement Swiss ETA6T15 automatic movement
  • Case Size 45 mm
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Replica Roger Dubuis Excalibur RDDBEX0398 Green White Table Dial watch, fine steel polished pointer (copper blank pointer is not used, because fine steel polished pointer does not need electroplating after treatment, the process is difficult and the cost is quite high. But the stereoscopic effect is extremely strong. Polished section is smoother, which is not comparable to common copper blank pointer. Gold pointer is polished by fine steel and plated with 18k gold. All lines on the dial are integrally formed, fully reflecting its stereoscopic impression. The bottom layer is white sand. The dial is overlapped and fixed by multi-layer dial. The central part of the dial is made of white and green enamel. The whole dial is perfect. The golden part of the edge, each scale has the name of the corresponding knight, and is written in Roman script. The joint between the black Italian cowhide crocodile pattern watchband and the watchcase is made of resin head grain. At present, only one of us can do it. The head grain and the original package reach the exchange level. The original mold opening took three years of repeated research and experiment from the plan finalization to the finished product. From 3d printing to powder alloy to wax mold casting. We have tried all methods. Finally, it is decided that the rough mold should be taken out first, then the rough mold should be polished manually, and then the film should be coated for oxidation resistance and then electroplated. The process is complicated and the loss rate is extremely high. I would like to say that this time we are not selling watches, but the spirit of craftsmen. Because of the complicated process and manual polishing, it is not suitable for mass production. Roger Dubuis Excalibur RDDBEX0398 Green White Table Dial Replica Watch.



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