Rolex Datejust 126233 36mm AR Factory Black Dial

  • Brand Rolex
  • Range Datejust
  • Model 126233
  • Gender Mens
  • Movement Swiss ETA Super 3135 Clone Automatic Movement at 28800 vph
  • Case Size 36 mm X 11.8mm
  • Factory AR Factory
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Replica Rolex Datejust 126233 36mm AR Factory Replica Black Dial watch

AR Rolex Datejust 126233 watch copy, 36mm diameter, parallel purchase version DATEJUST, perfect correction of all the deficiencies and defects of the decade, equipped with 3135 machine and with genuine purchasing packaging materials, redefining the highest quality DATEJUST copy, real A Level copy Rolex DATEJUST.

Rolex uses 904L stainless steel to forge a stainless steel watch case. 904L stainless steel is widely used in high technology, aviation and chemical industry, so it must have high corrosion resistance. This superalloy is not only extremely durable and easy to polish, but even in the most extreme environments, its beauty remains undiminished.

Rolex Datejust 126233 36mm AR Factory Replica Watch,The unique Rolex watch dial makes the watch easier to identify and easier to read. The hour markers are made of 18 ct gold that lasts for a long time. Rolex designs and manufactures each Rolex dial in its own factory. Most of the processes are carried out by hand and are perfect.

The design, development and production of the Rolex straps and buckles, as well as the rigorous testing required to pass, are fully applied to advanced technology. Like other components of the watch, the strap and the buckle will also be checked by a person to ensure that the product is beautiful. This flexible and comfortable five-row chain metal strap is specially designed for the 1945 Oyster Perpetual Log Watch.

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