Rolex Yacht-Master 40MM 116622 AR Factory Anthracite Dial

  • Brand Rolex
  • Range Yacht-Master
  • Model 116622
  • Gender Mens
  • Movement Swiss ETA 3135 Automatic Movement 28800bph
  • Case Size 40mm
  • Factory AR Factory
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Replica Rolex Yacht Master 40MM 116622 AR Factory Replica Anthracite Dial Watch

The AR Factory Rolex Yachts has a unique color palette. This watch is both sporty and elegant, and is suitable for any occasion. A two-layer process of sandblasting and polishing is used on the outer ring. It is worth mentioning that the original yacht is made of platinum and stainless steel. The sandblasted part is made of stainless steel and the raised part is platinized. In order to improve the refractive index of the outer ring, the blasting uses the same process as the original, and at the same time, the polished convex part is plated with a layer of zinc material, which makes the watch look and feel, and the original Platinum will not be too far apart.
Here I need to explain, due to the angle of light, etc., the effect may be a little different from the real thing, the physical color is almost the same as the original, the color of the AR factory dial is really great, but also everyone can see real.
The mirror is made of highly permeable sapphire glass lens, which is very clear and scratch-resistant. 12 o’clock setting logo mark, 3 o’clock setting date display function, 6 o’clock carrying engraved brand text information, all time scales on the disk surface are Rolex studs and round pin logos, hands and all scales use exquisite luminous fill effect .
Fine circle font and matte finish, the font is clear and powerful. The three-dimensional scale is full of bumps and embossing, which reflects the details of the AR factory.
This finishing touch – the red needle, corresponds to the red font below, and the white font is viewed at 45 degrees, showing a 3D concavity. The luminous spot filler is just right, it will not overflow.
At the 3 o’clock position, there is a blister-like calendar display window, and each small detail is a classic element of Rolex. The calendar frame has the same font size, no burr, and a blue-coated magnifying glass, making it transparent.
The side of the case is polished and the overall finish is smooth and delicate. The screw-in diving head greatly enhances the waterproof performance of the watch. The classic Rolex crown logo is still engraved on the head, and the five small dots are round and delicate.
Rolex Yacht-Master 40MM 116622 AR Factory Replica Watch The strap and buckle are also made of 904L stainless steel for a comfortable fit. The folding folding clasp is more refined after polishing and the details of the inside of the buckle are more delicate and delicate, and the internal laser engraved with the “ROLEX” English mark and the text, very clear.



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