Tudor Heritage Black Bay 79730-0002 ZF Factory Black Dial

  • Brand Tudor
  • Range Black Bay
  • Model 79730-0002
  • Gender Mens
  • Movement SWISS ETA2824-2 25J Automatic movement at 28800vph with decorated movement bridges and rotor
  • Case Size 41mm
  • Factory ZF Factory
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ZF Factory replica Tudor Heritage Black Bay 79730-0002 Black Dial watches, each finished watch case needs to go through more than a dozen processes and cooperate with a variety of polishing equipment, tools and accessories to complete. The black dial plate has a slight frosting feeling, which is consistent with the original one. The logo and English are simple to use overlay printing technology, but the finished product rate is very low. Overlap printing is repeated on the original basis. During the process, the LOGO letters cannot be distorted or blurred unevenly, making them slightly raised and exquisite. Tudor Heritage Black Bay 79730-0002 ZF Factory Black Dial Replica Watch. The mirror is made of the same sapphire material as the original one, combined with the inner and outer double-layer anti-vertigo ultra-transparent coating. Under some angles, you will find the glass is missing. Following the steps of genuine products, perfect reproduction and presentation can be mutually used with original products.



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