V9 Factory Longines Master Collection 40mm L2.793.5.57.7

  • Brand Longines
  • Range Master Collection
  • Model L2.793.5.57.7
  • Gender Mens
  • Movement Swiss L888
  • Case Size 40 mm
  • Factory V9 Factory
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V9 factory Longines master three-pin new 40mm three-character calendar (L2.793.5.57.7) top copy, purchased original one-to-one mold, shell workmanship without flaws, movement similarity 99%, precision observatory standard QE simulation test, stable operation, small steel cannon for commuting on various occasions, the best choice for BOSS white-collar and gold-collar workers, business and leisure are versatile.
The main selling points:
1. The latest Longines official L888 movement is synchronized with the two pinions above the hairspring box. The balance wheel position corresponds to the front 12 o’clock position.
2. The original case of German CNC equipment is opened, and the inner cover / case / bezel / bottom cover / strap, etc. can be universally original, which is really the original single-level.



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